Agency Technology, LLC Compliance Control is Travel Discounter’s quality control product used for both full service and Concur OBT.  This product sweeps through a queue every 15 minutes to process all bookings made by a full service agent or our online booking tool.  The reservation is then quality controlled for all different types of assurance checks (such as low fare, policy compliance, credit card information, frequent flyer numbers, preferred air, hotel & car suppliers) and, in addition, we have the capability of customizing the tool for account specifics to make sure all corporate policies are followed and met.  If the record does not pass QC it is placed back in an agent queue to follow up.


Travel Discounters uses the advance technology of Rapid Reprice, an automated ticket reissue software program, to produce savings through reduced costs per booking and lowered debit memos. Travel Discounters uses the same technology as the world’s largest airlines to research old and new fares and rules, and generate a new ticket in minutes. The automated process dramatically improves agent productivity through its intuitive screens and simplified process – directly translating into client savings.


This module does exactly as named. Every 8 hours, records in the Rate Reduction Finder queue are re-priced, and if a lower rate is found (within the parameters set by the agency) the PNR is queued to the booking agent, or primary agent for an account. This module not only searches for fare reductions on ticketed air, but also re-checks rates on car and hotel reservations. Each rate check is logged and the history can be viewed online.