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It is clear technology has revolutionized the way business travel is conducted – most clearly seen in the Online Booking Tool (OBT) space. Today’s business travelers need a user-friendly product that is fully functional across desktop, mobile apps, and full service; as well as providing more choices before, during and after the trip.

OBTs are a powerful weapon in a Travel Management Program’s arsenal – saving companies time and money through lower transaction fees, policy enforcement, unused ticket management, and contract savings.


Concur  is one of the industry’s leading online booking tools where travelers can book domestic and international flights, reserve rental cars and make hotel and rail reservations 24 hours a day, seven days a week– all from their desktops, smart phones and tablets. Concur’s pre-trip approval system supports single and multi-tiered approval hierarchies and documents each reservation with the time, date and authorizer comments associated with each trip. The traveler’s information is stored in their personal profile and can be updated at any time and will automatically sync into CTP’s global distribution system.


The innovative, proprietary and highly sophisticated pinSIGHT solution has been designed with all agents in mind. Ultimately, pinSIGHT will be available to all agents whether they book hotels via the GDS or through pinSIGHT’s dedicated online site.

PinSIGHT users will find unparalleled details on virtually every conceivable hotel option. The selections include public and private hotel channels in one screen, pricing from prepaid inventory to rates featuring significant value-adds, and all room categories, plus extraordinary mapping capabilities – each of which places your agents in the driver’s seat, in competing directly with those online sites focused strictly on price alone.

For GDS users, pinSIGHT is designed to seamlessly integrate into each agent’s current workflow and formats. The GDS version allows automatic entry of client-negotiated rate codes and hotel loyalty program information, allowing for increased compliance and faster loyalty point accumulation both for clients and agents alike. pinSIGHT for both GDS and online users will also highlight and easily identify all hotel partners participating in the Travel Leaders Network Worldwide Hotels Program and Select Hotels & Resorts.


Travel Discounters not only provides our clients the most innovative OBT Technology, but also has the expertise and support to make your company’s online adoption soar. While many Travel Management Companies are able to fulfill the booking process of an OBT, Travel Discounters customizes and enhances your online tools in order to drive adoption and traveler satisfaction.

Several ways in which Travel Discounters supports and enhances Online Travel include:


Travel Discounters offers our clients a customized, co-branded travel portal with the ability for user messaging updates, links to Travel Policy, and Concur online booking tool. Travel Discounter’s Web Development Manager will customize the web portal to the exact wants and needs of your company. Additionally, our Web Development Manager is responsible for updating and maintaining the site.


While many TMCs provide their clients an allotted amount of training time (per their purchase package), Travel Discounters will always provide complementary training – whether that be the initial implementation training to administrators, or large lectures and demonstrations to the actual travelers, or even refresher training classes for administrative assistants. Travel Discounters is committed to making your online travel program a success.


Should a traveler have a question in regards to their OBT, Travel Discounter’s Online Support Desk is available for their use (at no extra cost). Travel Discounters offers an online booking help desk from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM EST, Monday through Friday.  The support will include assistance with the use of and navigation within the online tool, assistance with retrieving forgotten passwords, establishing profiles, setting travel arranger privileges to authorize or delegate travel permissions and other assistance as appropriate.


CTP will customize, maintain and update your company’s Online Travel site. CTP’s Technology Solutions Manager need only be added as an administrator, and CTP will take care of all technology needs of your OBT (at no charge).