Travelport ViewTrip is a secure Web site accessed by travellers who hold a Worldspan by Travelport™ booking record. ViewTrip is your single source online authority for traveller itinerary and electronic ticketing needs. Travellers can access personalized itineraries and electronic tickets anytime, from any Internet-enabled location, free of charge.

ViewTrip offers 24/7 online access to detailed, personal itineraries to travellers who hold a Worldspan booking record.


With Travel Discounter’s Data Management, the Clients can access “Where Are My Travelers”? – An online report detailing where all travelers are based on their reserved and ticketed itineraries. From the initial dashboard screen, users can manipulate, and “slice and dice” data simply, with the click of a mouse. Functions include (but are not limited to), adding columns, sorting by various items (such as Flight Number, Departure City, and Passenger Name); dril-down; and export functionality via csv or xls. Additionally, in the Report section, reports can be run for the current date, or future dates of travel.  Travel Discounter’s on demand duty of care reporting gives our clients peace of mind knowing that whatever situation arises, we can quickly and easily locate travelers anywhere in the world.


Please see the below screenshot for a sample of the sample “Where Are My Travelers?” dashboard: